Asclepius. / (əˈskliːpɪəs) / noun.
Greek god of healing, health, medicine; son of Apollo.

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The Asclepius Movement is an international community.

We are committed to your complete well-being, crafting tailored blueprints that encompass fitness, nutrition, lifestyle enrichment, relationship nurturing, mindfulness techniques, and more.

In today’s landscape marked by prevalent mental health hurdles like depression and anxiety, we don’t just mentor; we guide individuals towards unlocking their inner fortitude, fostering personal development. Our mission revolves around supporting you in unveiling innate strength and embarking on a transformative journey towards growth.

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Anthony Finochio
Owner + Co-Founder

With six years of experience as an ICU nurse, Anthony commenced his journey at UPMC Presby’s Trauma ICU, paving the way for a dynamic career with leading agencies like AYA and Cross Country. Demonstrating expertise across Level 1 trauma centers and esteemed research hospitals in Pittsburgh, York, Little Rock, Anchorage, and more, Anthony’s proficiency spans diverse ICU domains, including Trauma, Medical, Neuro, Neurotrauma, Cardiothoracic, and Cardiac care, complemented by adeptness in step-down nursing.

Alongside his nursing background, Anthony holds NASM certification as a personal trainer. He garnered valuable experience at LA Fitness in SouthSide Pittsburgh and later ventured into his independent fitness venture, Finochiofitness. The synergy between his nursing and fitness pursuits has offered profound healthcare insights, fueling the creation of Asclepius Movement LLC. Rooted in Anthony’s passionate commitment to primary prevention, he aims to provide further support and guidance to individuals seeking proactive health solutions.

Nate Peterman
Owner + Co-Founder

Nate Peterman, a noted Author and Entrepreneur, has garnered recognition from esteemed platforms like Forbes, TED, Apple, and more. As the CEO of Symba Marketing, Nate leads a company dedicated to amplifying businesses globally through cutting-edge marketing strategies. With a robust portfolio of serving over 300 satisfied clients, Symba has achieved remarkable milestones, including generating an impressive 4.6 billion views for brands and creators, amassing a massive 70M+ follower base, and delivering over $55M in revenue for clients.

As the host of ‘The Nate Peterman Show,’ Nate interviews top industry experts in entrepreneurship, health and wellness, real estate, and more.

In addition to his business prowess, Nate’s talents extend to managing two rising music talents: India Dupriez, an Australian pop sensation, and hip-hop artist KIDJUDA. Collaborating with renowned producers associated with top-tier musicians like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, P!nk, and more.

Furthermore, as the co-founder of Asclepius Movement LLC, Nate champions a mission to enhance lives through self mastery unveiling your utmost potential that nurtures personal growth.